At the heart of Mediorite is our desire to tackle youth unemployment and spark young people’s passion for media production. We are proud that every job we do creates paid work for a young person we have trained. Our films look good and do good too.


Founder and Director Lucy Ferguson drew on her 12 years of media experience to set up a rapidly evolving media production house with a unique social vision. Ten years on, we’re still opening doors for young people, regardless of their background. 















Working with a range of partners, Mediorite starts by engaging young people in the exciting possibilities of a career in media production. 


All our programmes are free to access for young Londoners. We aim to nurture creative potential and enthusiasm wherever we find it, through training, coaching and on-the-job experience. 


But we don’t just give young people experience; we fire their ambition, hone their skills and give them the inspiration and confidence to succeed. This means always being there for them — we’re still in touch with people we’ve helped 10 years later. 


We have ongoing outreach for any newbies, and we’ve developed an exciting new and ambitious advanced programme, which began in July 2019.


"Mediorite have been a social enterprise partner working with Water Gates Group for a number of years. Not only are the products they produce of high quality and inspiring but we know that every pound we invest with them, we are making a huge difference to supporting young people. Their social purpose is to ensure young creatives are provided with opportunities in the world of work." ​

Rachel Wooliscroft, Head of Sustainability at Wates


Our funding partnerships include Lloyds School for Social Entrepreneurs, Awards for All and JA Clark Trust with relationships with across NHS, statutory services and youth led charities, social enterprises and Alternative Education Provisions locally helping us find creative talent that's furthest from the job market. We are constantly collaborating with like minded organisations to create issue driven content and build a ripple effect for the young people we seek to support.