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Mediorite Social Impact Report 2019

We had a great year last year with the first cohort of our new funded work ready programme SHIFT and a new impact framework with it. Below is an informal report to help shine a light on who we work with and what we do.

We're also excited to confirm that 30p in the pound spent with us goes to support our social aims; improved health and well being, diverse young people aware of creative careers, increased employability and community cohesion through film.

2019 at a glance:

  • 9 took part in our first work ready programme SHIFT with 6 winning Arts Awards

  • 81 young people excluded or at risk enjoy our Making a Music Video workshop

  • 20 AQA accreditations

  • 78 young people attended a screening by 13 young film makers

  • 868 hours of free training mentoring and personal development support

  • 1 free film for charity Fight for Peace

  • Talks from BAFTA award winning directors, Panavision Lighting Technician and documentary Producers

We also continue to develop young people within our business

  • 12 under 25’s win £33k freelance work

  • Employ 3 under 25's in full time roles and 2 on part time contracts

Through our actions 81 diverse young people across East London and their youth organisations have benefited from free outreach sessions to build confidence and team working skills whilst enjoying a creative activity. Of these, twenty 14- 16 year olds across two alternative education provisions were awarded AQA accreditations. We worked with 8 ex-offenders through the Irene Taylor Trust with 100% saying they

enjoyed the programme and 91% saying they’d worked well as a team taking one of the group on work experience to edit the film and signing him up for our work ready programme SHIFT .

Although the outreach session is only one day we get the group to understand roles and responsibilities, identify the parts of the camera and basic camera shots as well as challenging them to think creatively and work together as a team.

"Mediorite were great to work with. Not only did they work with our young people to produce a quality music video but offering the opportunity to one of the group to work on the edit was a real bonus. It gave the group real ownership of the video as they'd been involved in the whole process from writing the song, filming and starring in the video and then one of them having the opportunity to shape the final result in the edit, a process which is often handed over to 'the professionals'. That person also gained valuable skills in video editing, an area they'd been keen to develop in but one in which it is difficult to find affordable training opportunities, so Mediorite are really helping to plug that gap."

Katie Bruce Community Projects Coordinator, The Irene Taylor Trust – Music in Prisons / Making Tracks / Sounding Out

“ Really great. Really enjoyed the whole experience, people where very nice and helpful “ Participant

“The young people enjoyed the film making session, particularly learning skills on how to use the camera. It was a lovely opportunity for them where it got them working as a team and bringing out their creativity. They come from local estates nearby , many from low income single household families. Hackney Quest, Janita, Programme Lead

The average age was 17 and 20% of the young people we worked were NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training). 88% of the young people we worked with where BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) the gender split was 41% M / 59% female.

This outreach session allows us to engage with a really broad range of young people who wouldn’t be able to access film activities otherwise and try to foster a love of creativity and we’re really proud of this simple fun workshop.

Last year we also identified a group of L1 media students in a local 6th form college who were at risk of exclusion and who’s tutor had no film specific training! We altered our beginners programme to run two afternoon sessions with them as an intervention before their final major project.

“ We had a very diverse group of young people on this L1 media course with a mixture of learning difficulties, those at risk of exclusion, previously excluded and one young person on tag. I believe half the group would not of completed their final major project if it wasn't for Mediorite and I noticed a positive behavioural change in some of the group after meeting a professional agency “

Paul Dawkins Foundation Learning Media Level 1 and Work Skills Teacher, BSix Sixth Form College

In May we put on a free film screening on our roof for 78 young people showing films by 13 young film makers. More than Matter was co-produced by Blessing who started our youth board, Reuben our Head of Training and ex Fast Fwd trainee alongside an apprentice Jamie. This helped us recruit and meet trainees for SHIFT and we showed films from ex trainee as well as Stacey and Karmeta who formed part of the new SHiFT co-hort.

Following a 6 month run up to write the SHIFT course, recruit 8-10 young people and find work placements we began the work ready programme on 25th June 2019 using new social impact tools; Baseline assessment, Goals Based Outcomes and Personal Development Plan.

Who did we recruit? we reached out to local youth work contacts but ultimately personal networks and social media helped us to recruit eight young people, with 1 dropping out within the first few weeks due to financial pressures to get a job, with all of our young people being between 18-24 years of age. Three of the seven had attained university degrees/ are current university students, there was 57% / 43% female to male split and the cohort was 86% BAME and 86% NEET. Nearly half had identified struggles with mental health or physical health, two had offending behaviour, one diagnosed learning difficulty and a young carer.

What did we do? The group attended 6 weeks of full day training sessions with 1 hour witness talks at the end of each day as we made a film for charity Fight for Peace

One won a placement at Sundog Films a TV Production Company with her Manager Eleanor Warren saying “ Steffi was great to have in the office, she is bright and up for helping with anything, she was quick to grasp and complete tasks given to her and would continuously check in to see if there was anything else she could help with”

  • 6 Arts Awards

  • 1 directed a play at the Arcola Theatre in 2020 and is applying to university

  • 1 won a placement at Tin Roof Media and is now back in education.

  • 1 is now full time employed in media and has a short film she’s

  • 1 won two days on set running work though one of our Producers ( paid )

  • 1 is now our course co-ordinator

Following on from Shift cohort 1 we started a youth board with 7 members and over 5 meetings the group planned and programmed the 2020 Get Seen film festival. 5 volunteered on the night to help run it with 14 films ranging from animation to documentary for 86 people. The board will also act as a chance for us to help young people make their own films as we have offered

The course was led by Reuben who completed our 2017 work ready programme and he was assisted by Anza who completed both 2016 beginners and 2017 work ready programmes so it was very satisfying to offer paid work to both. in 2020 Alnique from Shift cohort 1 is the course coordinator. Reuben has now completed his MA and joined us full time as the Head of Training.

In total we offered 868 hours of free training mentoring and personal development support to young East Londoners and paid 12 under 25’s freelance work, 3 in full time roles and 2 in PT contracts.

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