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We're looking for young creatives aged 18-25 and based in Hackney or Tower of Hamlets for our virtual work program starting April 2021. You will have a passion for film and a track record of creating content.


- 6 week ( 1 day a week ) training program working to create a short film. You'll be working with a range of creative professionals on your creative practice with opportunities to develop soft skills around leadership.

- 6 week ( 1 day a week ) personal development plan with a coach to complete your Silver Arts Award accreditation, polish your CV and create a showreel

- Support to apply for work placements with a creative business*, with a mentor.


Apply / Refer: email your CV, examples of your work and why you want a place on the course

Reuben@mediorite.co.uk & lucy@mediorite.co.uk

This course is the culmination of 9 years of youth film training with its aim to get you into sustainable work. We are following the COVID-19 rules therefore the training course will be online. Once candidates are offered a place, this will be discussed with them in detail.

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