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We're looking for young creatives aged 18-25 and based in Hackney or Tower of Hamlets for a new work program starting September 2020. You will have a track record of creating content and aspire to a career in film.

ABOUT THE PROGRAM - 6 week ( 1 day a week ) training program working as part of a team to make a social action film. You'll be working with a range of creative professionals on your creative practice with opportunities to develop soft skills around leadership

- 6 week ( 1 day a week ) personal development plan with a coach to complete your Silver Arts Award accreditation, polish your CV and create a showreel

- Support to apply for work placements with a creative business*, with a mentor and expenses paid


Apply / Refer: email your CV, examples of your work and why you want a place on the course

Reuben@mediorite.co.uk & lucy@mediorite.co.uk

This course is the culmination of 9 years of youth film training with its aim to get you into sustainable work. We are following closely the development of the COVID-19 crisis in the country and are constantly monitoring the situation. Depending on the pandemic's development over the next few months, it may be necessary to move the training course online. Once candidates are offered a place, this will be discussed with them in detail. *We have placements at large in-house corporates and smaller production companies making broadcast TV.

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