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Producer/Director Lucy Ferguson's Interview with Zaheer Raja

For the weekly blog i interviewed my mentor Lucy Ferguson about her journey producing and directing and how her work still manages to continue during this pandemic.

How did you get in the industry?

I did a fine art degree and then I joined a publishing company 'Time Warner' and started in sales. Afterwards, my job became more creative and started to work on music and corporate videos. I left in 2010 to set up mediorite.

What motivated you to start up mediorite?

I wanted to tackle youth unemployment in London through a combination of creative training and paid work.

As a fellow producer/ director what motivates you to keep creating content?

Creating content right now feels really easy as there are companies out there looking for projects. and i have been making isolation films, our own films and work for social enterprises and charities. I am highly motivated as i don't want to stop making content and this helps push me to make better content every time.

Instagram: @thezaheerraja

Twitter: @TheZaheerRaja

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