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Our Guide to Remote Filming

There are lots of ways to make content and tell stories - even under lockdown

We have clients and young creatives who are all trying to create content at a time where reaching for your camera and interviewing someone face to face is no longer an option! Do not fear, there are lots of ways of telling your story using your phone, laptop or tablet.



Zoom offers the option to record your video meeting. The app is free (for 40 minutes) and you can choose the layout of the screen, ask your participants for permission to film and then press the record button. Here you can read more about how to use Zoom. You do need good broadband and there are a lot of security concerns about Zoom at the moment so consider your content and whether it's a suitable format for you

Record your screen You can create a sense of perspective and add to your variety of shots by letting the audience see what you see. If you need to type something, share a file, etc. during a video call, record your activity. Here’s how to screen record your own screen on Mac and on Windows. NOTE: this approach does not record sound on QuickTime and you may need the latest browser update. Recording audio

There are plenty of apps that let you record your voice calls. Here is a comprehensive list of apps available for Andrioid and iPhone. Quicktime for Mac can offer audio recording too.

Recording video on your computer

If your computer has a camera you can film clips using this option. Quicktime and Photobooth on Mac both let you record footage and save in a format that‘s easy to use.

Wide or establishing Get someone to film your online call. They can take a wide establishing shot of you in a room, or a medium shot with more detail, including your computer screen, so the audience gets to see the person you’re speaking to. What you’ll need: A good phone camera. Someone to help you. Ideally a camera stabiliser.



Talking to camera

  • Always shoot landscape, prop your phone/tablet somewhere stable and don't point directly at a strong light source ( window or lamps/light bulbs )

  • Find a quiet room where you can control background noise

  • Position yourself centre-frame and we should be able to see your shoulders

  • Think about what’s the background ( hide your laundry!)

  • Position your camera at eye level - do not shoot from a low/high angle

  • Prepare what you want to say ( this can just be general themes ) and try to stick to the point. Most importantly try to be relaxed rather than reading from a script

  • Take a test shot of 10-20 seconds to see if you’re happy with the shot and you can hear yourself

  • Keep your speech to the maximum film length of 3 minutes

  • Always wait 5 seconds before you cut.

B roll footage If you’re talking about yourself and your current experience, footage of your house, shots from out of your window or your personal photographs could be relevant and add a greater sense of understanding for your audience as to who you are and what you’re experiencing.

  • Take a variety of shots - wide shots, so that we can see the scale of the project (you can even pan around); close-ups for details.

  • Make sure your cutaways are at least 10 seconds long.

  • If you want to put movement in your shots, brace your body and elbows to your sides and pivot from your hips to avoid shaky shots or by propping or leaning your camera on other objects (like a pile of books on the table)

  • Don’t film looking directly into the light (window or other light source)

Phone & SM apps:

WhatsApp lets you record video but not audio as does HouseParty so if you want audio as well you’ll have to record it separately (another phone or external sound recorder )


You can edit in YouTube apps, native software like Imovies or get a free 90 day trial for Adobe Premiere Pro AND Final Cut Pro at the moment.

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