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Mediorite Constitution

Mediorite Constitution

Mediorite is social enterprise or not for profit, our primary purpose is to tackle youth unemployment and our secondary purpose is to sell professional film services to creating profit to support our social aims.

Article II: Purpose

(1) Mediorite is a social enterprise. It was not established nor is it conducted for private gain; any surplus or assets are used principally for the benefit of the community

(2) Mediorite sells film and photography services and delivers free training and work experience to a diverse group of young Londoners seeking a creative career. Every Mediorite job provides paid, assisting work for a young creative who have risen through its programs.

The purpose of Mediorite is to tackle the root causes of unemployment; working with diverse young Londoners aged 12 – 24, people who describe themselves as one of more of the following—

  1. Not in education employment or training;

  2. Ex-offenders and those at risk of offending;

  3. Vulnerably housed;

  4. Having issues around mental health or physical disabilities;

  5. Young carers;

  6. Care leavers; and

  7. Young parents.

Mediorite works with these young people on creative communication projects, specifically around film and photography through free training and work experience, creating a pathway into paid work in the creative industries or back into education.

Success is measured in terms of how many young people have—

  1. Been upskilled through training, work experience and mentoring;

  2. Received offers of paid work;

  3. Found placements, further work experience, or been assisted back into education;

  4. Made use of Mediorite’s free media resources; and

  5. Had their confidence improved to make positive life choices.

(3) Mediorite seeks to—

  1. Share positive information with youth organizations and all other relevant parties;

  2. Grow a network of engaged capable young people to steer its work; and

  3. Train and develop young people from a diverse set of backgrounds.

Mediorite also seeks to offer media professionals and creative businesses volunteering opportunities beneficial both to the volunteers and the young people.

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