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10 Awesome (and Free) Things To Do in a Lockdown

Now that we are social distancing, there is plenty of time to watch all those movies piling on your watchlist, or learn that new skill you've been promising yourself you'll get on. If you don't know where to start, or are looking for some inspiration, check our Mediorite recommendations.


1. IDFA, one of the world's most prominent film festivals, has released 300 films to their online collection to stream here. 2. Set in London, ROCKS follows teenager Rocks (Bukky Bakray) who fears that she and her little brother Emmanuel (D’angelou Osei Kissiedu) will be forced apart if anyone finds out they are living alone. With the help of her friends, she evades the authorities and navigates the most defining days of her life. After taking the grand prix at Toronto International Film Festival, ROCKS will have its livestream premiere + Q&A on 1 April. Register here to get your ticket.

3. To those keen to learn more about film editing, this YouTube channel is a great place to start, and what a better time to explore it than now. 4. The awesome crowdfunded The Castle Cinema based in East-London may be closed now, but their staff is making sure they look after your cinema needs. On their Twitter account, you can find daily recommendations of The Castle Cinema's favourite films, and where to find them online. 5. The online streaming platform MUBI is now offering a 3 months free membership trial. If you're into independent cinema, this is the perfect place for you. If you're a film student, you can get a free subscription to MUBI for the whole duration of your studies via their Film Schools Program. 6. Cheap Cuts Documentary Festival are holding free film screenings from Wednesday- Friday for 2 weeks. Each day at 7pm, they host a live Q&A with the filmmakers. To get access links, follow Cheap Cuts on their Facebook page.

7. Between 18-29 March, Five Films For Freedom, the world’s largest LGBTIQ+ digital campaign, will be made available on the British Council's Youtube channel

8. The 58th Ann Arbor Film Festival, the oldest avant-garde and experimental film festival, goes online between 24-29 March. You can join the live stream here.

9. To help teachers, students and the curious in a time when they have to adapt to e-learning, filmmaker and critic Mark Cousins has made a 200-minute long visual lecture on cinema. Free to watch on Vimeo. 10. For the scriptwriters among you, our recommendation is Scriptnotes - a podcast by John August (Big Fish, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory) and Craig Mazin (Chernobyl) on Spotify.

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