We run bespoke media training programs for young people and our work here has won awards.

If you have a group of young people who need training in campaigning, film making, photography or advertising we’ve got a mix of young leaders and industry professionals (including Hollywood directors) able to put together fast paced engaging sessions which deliver to your outcomes.

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We can deliver training to help you with:

  • an issue your school wants to campaign on
  • a music video the young creatives in your alternative education want to make
  • recording the journey of a project your youth board has put their hearts into

Our training caters to 11-25 year olds, from across whole year groups to small tailored groups, and for young people with a wide range of disabilities and learning difficulties.

Our creative sessions are fun and designed to build confidence and use media to enable young people to find their voice– we believe every young person has a valuable contribution to make. We focus on helping the groups to identify audience, message and medium and we’ve worked across print, film, photography and digital. Much of what we do is around themes our clients young people want to campaign on, such as safe relationships.

Below are a couple of examples of the campaigns we’ve co-delivered for groups we’ve trained:

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Youth Projects

We have run our own youth projects including YH World and BETA GENERATION. In the past we have won funding from The National Lottery, Media Box Active Grants and supported young people to win funding for their own projects as well as delivering outstanding youth engagement for clients.

yh world

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Get in touch to see how we can help you or to find out more about our training and youth projects.