YH World

    The brief:
    We started YH World as a magazine style website written by young Londoners for their peers. It offered us a live platform for young creatives to cut their teeth making mutli-media content and sharing opportunities, advise or opinion. It was also a great way of getting free tickets to events! ( to your left are our journo's at Underage Festival 2011 )

    The results:
    4 years on we're re-purposing this Drupal made site to fill a gap locally namely trusted advise and support for young people looking for work. We're partnering with Hackney charity Off Centre to create content that's designed to help their advisers guide under 24's in the borough into careers that excite them as well as entry level paid work to put some money in their pockets.

    We started http://betageneration.tumblr.com/ to fulfill our creative side

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    YH World at Underage festival