Rebekah is a freelance journalist and musician who has works with us to deliver marketing and PR for The Vortex and Gillett Square. She writes beautifully and excels at coming up with endless words to describe improv jazz, and produced all the interviews for the young creatives that took part in Focused Young Individuals.

“I am a freelance writer, events organiser and musician. I have around five years experience writing copy for websites, annual reports and campaigns, as well as writing music reviews and feature articles for print and online publications. I’ve worked with galleries, NGOs and independent small businesses in India, Lebanon, South Africa and all over the UK.

Working with Mediorite is especially rewarding because of the opportunity to train young people as I work. Doing what you’re good at in a positive environment is one thing, but knowing that the work you do is also helping someone else up on to the ladder of finding their way in life, I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of that. ”

Here’s Rebekah with her band Mojo Hands: