Oonagh Cousins has shot and directed over 20 films with publications in the Guardian, Independent and BBC World News. She is currently shooting and producing documentaries for National Geographic international channel between London and America with an estimated audience of 4 million.

She worked on Raising the Bars, and Home Connections and youth-led films for Peabody Staying Safe. She has a passion for social issues and she’s brilliant with young people.

On the reason she decided to work for Mediorite she says, “they are a creative, passionate and dedicated team. They don’t just believe in the young people they work with, they also just enjoy their company and the young people can feel that, they can feel that they are appreciated as individuals. I make films and I have a skill worth sharing. Working with YH World is as much about me being inspired by the young people and the team I’m working with as it is about me inspiring them, which is an incredibly rewarding process.”

Showreel Oct/2012 from Revolting Productions on Vimeo.