With a background in both print and digital journalism as both a staff writer and freelancer covering local, national and international news, Glenn draws on his varied experience to inspire citizen and aspiring journalists into action with his enthusiastic approach.

Harnessing the everyday digital tools we already own, he believes anyone can be a multimedia journalist or a blogger with the right guidance and motivation.

“Since the advent of digital tools such as smart-phones and free blogging sites you don’t need to wait for permission to publish your pictures and stories. All you need is access to a web-connected PC and you’re a one-man media mogul.”

Glenn has delivered workshops for Mediorite as well as Poached Creative, Futureversity and the Big Issue.

The topics he has covered have included: blogging, mobile-phone video-reporting, news-writing and investigative journalism.

On working with us he said, “Mediorite has given me a fantastic opportunity to pass on my knowledge and inspire young people finding their way in life. In fact it was through Mediorite that my confidence and ability to deliver workshops was borne.”