Mediorite is an award-winning creative agency and social enterprise.


We build transferable communication skills with disadvantaged young creatives to tackle youth unemployment working with those furthest from the job market.

As a creative agency we produce powerful video and photography by established and award-winning professionals.

As a social enterprise, we offer young creatives valuable and paid experience in media through assisting our creative professionals on film and photography shoots. Our professionals provide mentoring and training to young people, as well as the opportunity to build connections and visit creative businesses.

We also develop our young creatives to become role models and take the lead in our training programmes and in MedioritePlus, which offers youth-led film and photography services. Read how we got started.

Our social impact in numbers (2016):

  • Provided 1538 hours of free media training ( double that of 2014) to 162 young people
  • Paid 16 young people a share of £38,435 for youth-led video production work with MedioritePlus
  • Paid a further 31 young people, many of them cast in the community, a share of £1,550 for modelling roles for The Childrens’ Society
  • Helped 57 young people gain a qualification
  • Provided support from 10 creative professionals mentors
  • Delivered masterclasses from 9 creative professionals, including That Lot and RGL
  • Created 2 new roles at MedioritePlus – one permanent full-time creative lead and one part-time administrator role!

Why? We passionately believe that many talented young people who don’t fit within mainstream education can find self expression and a meaningful careers through creativity.

The more access to people in the creative industries young people get the more likely they are to see a way forward for themselves.

We’ve seen young people with no qualifications and complicated backgrounds make themselves invaluable, assisting creative professionals on film and photography shoots. The money they’ve earned builds self esteem and we’ve watched them go on to share their improved outlook on life with friends and younger members of the community.

What does paid work mean to the young people we work with?



Who do we work with? Over the last year we worked with 162 young Londoners through outreach, beginners filmmaking programme The Academy and accelerator program FAST FWD.

60% of those we worked with describe themselves as BAME and we’ve got a near even 43% F / 47% M split.

Where: We’re proudly Hackney but not afraid to travel. In 2016, we also worked regularly in Thamesmead.

What did we do?:
Through our three-year funded programme we ran six free outreach sessions with partners EY Foundation, Fairbridge, Princes Trust, City Gateway, Futureversity & Inspire! helping 24 young people gain AQA accreditations. We ran two revolutions of beginners filmmaking program The Academy, helping 9 young people earn Bronze Arts Awards.

We also delivered promotional videos and photoshoots for a range clients from corporates; PwC, Wates Construction and Triodos Bank to PR Agencies; PR Newswire and Reputation Inc to government organisations and councils; The GLA, Westminster and Sutton, to market-leading charities and social enterprises; Foundation for Future London, Construction Youth Trust, SEUK, The Children’s Society. We offered below-cost films for small social enterprises and charities Hackney Pirates, Bootstrap and Art Against Knives. ALL creating paid assisting work, taking the total amount we paid young creatives this year up to £38,435 and employ two full time members of staff 25 and under. Highlights included ongoing work with The Children’s Society, where not only production but casting allowed us to deliver social value.


As well as freelance work, we created longer term paid roles. On our new youth-led video service MedioritePlus and employed Leanne Rogers to run it and more recently took on apprentice Bria Salmon.

MedioritePlus was launched in 2015 to move those ready for more responsibility into leadership roles on our youth-led video agency. Following a successful test for Wates Homes over Christmas 2014, in 2016 we’ve generated over £16,000 worth of revenue from marketing services ALL delivered and led by young creatives.

Homerton Hospital’s youth project ‘The Key’ gave us the chance to work with local young people with disabilities.

“I met Mediorite at a training session for The Key and they offered me work experience. I’m not an independent traveller so even though I have 7,000 followers on twitter I couldn’t find a media placement that I liked and I’ve been out of education for 3 years so I was finding it hard to stay positive. Now really feel I’ve found a place I can use my skills.” Darren, 21

In 2017 Darren will come on as a part-time member of staff editing for MedioritePlus.

And we’re up for an award! We partnered with Westminster councils to deliver films (including casting and locations) for their teen relationship campaign Speak Sense.

Finally in 2017 we plan to revisit FYI



How have we done this?

Mentoring from 13 including agencies and freelance film makers; That Lot, RGL, Anna Benson Gyles, Clare Hix, Tom Goudsmit, Tali Clarke, Chris Atkins, Nic Smith & photographers; Agenda, Sean Pollock, Laura McClusky and Zoe Childerley. Special tanks to Diego Nicoletti.

PRO BONO: In 2016 we offered pro bono support to Transform Shoreditch.












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