Mediorite is an award-winning creative agency that uses video and photography to create powerful stories that connect audiences with brands and causes.

High profile clients such as PwC, The Children’s Society and Goodyear Tires choose us because we’re fast, flexible and focused on compelling storytelling:

  • FAST: Our friendly, enthusiastic team is always on the go, delivering on time and within budget.
  • FLEXIBLE: As a small company we can be highly adaptable, drawing on talented creatives to capture your stories on video or through powerful photography.
  • FOCUSED: Our stories move audiences to action. We have a strong track record of creating video and photography for fundraising and awareness campaigns, events and promotions.

We are also a social enterprise who makes a social impact by providing training and opportunities for often marginalised young people to gain experience in the creative industry.

Our Director is Lucy Ferguson, a commercial media professional who was inspired to start Mediorite in 2010 to improve access to and diversity in the creative sector for young people – see her story below.

If you want to find out more about any of our services or you are a creative professional with time to mentor get in touch.

Here’s the story:


Lucy Ferguson, Director of Mediorite

“In 2010 it felt like the front page of every newspaper was full of negative stories about teenagers. At the time I was working for a global publishing company and on my walk home to Brixton I’d pass kids on the streets and wonder what chance did these young people have of working in my building, a business based in their backyard? The only work experience person we had was the MD’s niece and it was a very white, middle class environment.

But if you live in London it’s hard not to be aware of the problems that come with living in a big city. The question was, what was I going to do about it?

Now looking back this stage of my journey seems a bit crazy – the best description I’ve heard of starting your own business is jumping off a cliff and building a plane on the way down. What that looked like for me was I handed in my resignation with no job to go to and no real idea of what I could offer to solve the problems I could see around me, specifically teenagers struggling with youth unemployment, locked off from creative careers and the knock on effects of that lack of opportunity leading to struggles with housing, mental health issues or a sense of isolation and fear that fosters negative behaviour.

Hitting the ground running
When I looked at the skills I had to offer, it was my experience working in a mainstream media and the relationships I’d developed over twelve years that stood out. So with a grant from Unltd I began by running free media training sessions in youth centres, pupil referral units and the young offenders team recruiting for a free training program in advertising. I had NO experience of teaching but lots of energy and ideas!

The program ran for 6 weeks and produced a campaign for our first youth led film project Hackney Hounds, where I called in every one of my contacts to get involved through mentoring, visits or talks.

Five years later and Mediorite has grown into an award-winning creative agency and some of the kids we worked with on that first project are going to uni, producing tv shows, assisting on our productions or running our new youth led service Mediorite+.

The Social Impact
But we’re not just about heart-warming youth projects. Born in a recession I set Mediorite up as a social enterprise so that we could generate money from services as well as grants and that all services would create paid assisting roles for young people so as much as the training. It’s the films and photoshoots we produce for clients to help fulfil our aims to tackle youth unemployment.

What does that mean? We run our in house training programs to develop young people to be work ready for us or to head back to school or university, start their own businesses or work for others. Those who progress through training can come back to the office any time and borrow our equipment, use the computers or work on their own projects. Many of our young creatives have been with us from the start because the door is always open.

Finally we’ve never stopped campaigning on issues from housing, stop and search and cuts to mental health services.”

Find out more about our social impact and training.

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