My Work Experience & The Film Academy

Posted by on Oct 19, 2017 in Blog

I am currently doing my work experience with Mediorite.

The last few days I have been taught so many things. On my first day of work experience the manager asked me to post on twitter about this new course that began this week, I helped Darren edit some videos he also gave me some advice how can I do if I wanted to edit something.

They also gave me a great opportunity to take part on a course called The Film Academy.

The idea of this course is to help young people who want to get into filming, I will be taking part on this course for six weeks for free.

This first week was amazing because I get to meet new people also the teachers Leanne and Azeem taught us more about the cameras and filming techniques.

On that same day the teachers showed us a short film called Dog Day.                   

The movie genre is film noir, later on the same day we have to split into two groups and make a short interview on each member of the group opinion about the film.

This experience was amazing because I have never been to film academy before so I definitely will come back for the rest of the course.

On the next day the manager told me to edit the videos we film on the academy and to make it individual with each student name.

On Wednesday I helped Azeem film a Mullan scene for Carmen’s audition reel. It was amazing because he taught me some basic stuff about filming.

Two more days left and I am enjoying my work experience with these amazing and professional group of people because they have taught me some many things in this short period of time.