Our Young Creatives!

For the entirety of the past 7 years that Mediorite has been up and running, we have opened up our doors to a great collective of young people who are eager to make their mark in the media industry, and gain valuable experience working alongside the many creative professionals that help drive our company forward. Medioriteplus was established, 4 years later, as a method of encouraging maximum progression for our young people, from participating in any of our creative training programs, i.e. The Film Academy, to securing actual paid work by taking the lead on film/photography shoots in their specialist areas. Medioriteplus allows these young individuals to learn as they grow and put their newly developed skills into real-life context.

Recently, we took the time to produce 3 short films as a means of shedding light on the experiences and journeys of three young people, who have become true examples of the social impact that we often make on the individuals who engage with us.


We were first introduced to Darren through Hackney Ark, a centre for children and young people who have disabilities and require additional support. For a long time, Darren had suffered from severe anxiety, this prevented him from engaging with others, maintaining relationships and even leaving his house. As a result, he was devoted to finding a way of suppressing his anxiety and becoming a part of the community again. We were excited to have Darren get involved with us, and had no problems travelling to meet him at his Home whenever he found it difficult to come into our office, as it was clear that he was excelling whilst working with us. Initially, Darren found it challenging to socially engage with others in the office and came across as quite shy. However, over time, we noticed significant improvements in Darren’s confidence and ability to create relationships with new people. Originally, Darren was responsible for managing all Mediorite social media platforms, in order to promote the business. Aside from this, he had flourished during our Film Academy and Fast Forward programmes, and even gained a valuable editing skills. He is now a part time member of staff and comes in to our office for regular editing work.



Ondre began volunteering with Mediorite and Medioriteplus, as a part of Discover Young Hackney. His negative past experiences encouraged him to pursue his desire to work in media, after choosing media studies as one of his college options. We connected with Ondre through his probation officer, and offered him an opportunity to complete his community service hours, and gain media training, by working with us. From the get go, he had developed an immediate attraction to the camera, particularly for photography. Throughout his time at Mediorite, Ondre achieved a lot and progressed relatively quickly from simply volunteering with us, to producing professional photography work for Business in the Community and assisting with our training programmes. Additionally, he scored an interview to work alongside public figure Akala. He has now expressed his interest in becoming a mentor for other young people who are also looking to train in media.


Daniel Gordon 

Similarly to Ondre, Daniel had ignited his relationship with Mediorite as a result of his probation worker introducing him to Lucy Ferguson. At the beginning of his journey into the world of media, Daniel didn’t necessarily realise his creative potential, and certainly did not think that he could become a film-maker. In no time, we could sense his growing passion for film making. He had naturally gravitated towards the camera skills that would enable him to become a well-established DOP. He was presented with a great chance to work with Art Against Knives, an anti-knife crime charity, and produce his very own clothing brand Theft of Youth, and so he was reassured that his dream could actually become a reality. For the past couple of years till the present day, Daniel has become a regular contributor on multiple Mediorite and Medioriteplus shoots, as a camera op, and quite recently as a photographer since beginning to train in this field.


By Bukky Sonubi