MedioritePlus Is Starting a YouTube Channel!

Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Blog, MedioritePlus

MedioritePlus has some exciting news. From February 2017 we will have a Youtube channel! Don’t worry, we wont forget you when we become internet celebrities, we promise.

Youtube is going to be our new platform to speak up and speak out about issues that effect young people, kick starting with a heart warming video revolving around eating disorders in young people for international eating disorder week.

This will also be a great way for MedioritePlus to be able to involve more young people in our film shoots because we will be filming whoever wants to get involved and we may take on volunteers.

Our videos will be for young people, by young people and will be speaking on issues that effect all types of young people. We want to make a difference for and amongst our peers and we’re so excited!
It’ll will be great fun for our team to really get to express themselves and their ideas and it’ll be great to watch.