The No Offence Redemption & Justice Awards film shoot

Posted by on Sep 24, 2013 in Blog, Film, Mediorite

At the beginning of September I got the opportunity to assist on a film shoot working for Mediorite for the No Offence’s Redemption and Justice Awards in Angel/Islington, London. Our Mediorite film crew was made up of the successful filmmaker Chris Atkins and Daniel Gordon as well as heart and CEO of Mediorite, Lucy Ferguson. As a Digital Media apprentice I felt very excited about being a part of a film crew and learning about the process of preparing and conducting a film shoot.



No Offence is a social enterprise, like Mediorite, who are dedicated to working with various organisations involved with the Criminal Justice System and helping to improve the quality of service to prevent re-offending.

We filmed nine nominators, explaining to us why they had chosen their nominee from the Redemption & Justice Award. This film footage will later be edited to be possibly featured as a video montage for the successful nominee on the day of the ceremony.

The filming that Mediorite conducted was for The No Offence Redemption and Justice Awards which is a ceremony celebrating individuals who have rebuilt their lives after being in prison.

One thing I noticed about everyone from the criminal justice sector is they are always early to appointments! But from listening to the interviews it was evident how passionate every nominator was about their nominee and it was great to be among individuals who were a part of a good cause.

Cardine Martin – Media Apprentice