Home Connections – delivering on The Social Value Act

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Advertising, Blog, Film, Media, Mediorite, Social Enterprise

Under the Public Services (Social Value) Act, Housing Associations now have to factor in social value when they buy services. In brief – if £1 is spent on the delivery of services, can that same £1 be used to also produce a wider benefit to the community?

Our recently commissioned film for Home Connections’ collaborative new program ‘Raising the Bars’ proves that we can  deliver that social value for spend and better communications BECAUSE we are a social business.

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What do I mean by that? The film we shot with film maker Oonagh Cousins created two paid assisting roles for young ex offenders; Daniel Gordon & Rolando Allen. These young creatives represent the group that Raising the Bars seeks to influence. As a result when we were interviewing Chance 2 Change project workers Pam & Curtis ( both of whom have been through Chance 2 Change in prison ) they were immediately more relaxed because Daniel was their second camera man.

I believe we got better interviews and a greater understanding of the issues Raising the Bars seeks to address than a for profit agency could because we are a social business.  Ultimately this greater understanding makes for a better narrative and film.

Thanks to forward thinking clients like Home Connections we’ve been able to show how we can deliver on all fronts; social value & quality of work.

Thanks also to Raising the Bars partners Beyond Youth and St Giles Trust