LBI – The power of stories

Posted by on Mar 8, 2013 in Advertising, Blog, Funding, Media, Social Enterprise

Part 1 : Executive Creative Director Simon Gill tells us about the power of stories.

So, get this…. there are only 7 stories in the world and most, especially the stories that work best for charities are around overcoming the monster. If you can create stories people want to engage with you’ll get awareness, reach and as a result donations.

British Red Cross wanted to help people identify with the plight of refugees – Look beyond the label saw members of the public hand over their facebook profiles to get people thinking.

McMillian wanted to find a way of talking about cancer patients need to keep warm


Worlds longest scarf ( well second longest! ) after the campaign bits of the scarf found their way to No 10 on a petition and visited the North Pole!

Simon also mentioned a crazy boxer who auctioned tattoo’d advertising space on his body for Help for Heros. I couldn’t find this campaign but did find this brilliant blog with a tattoo / cause article.