The Albany – UNCOVERED

Posted by on Dec 12, 2011 in Art, Blog, Media, Social Enterprise

So you’ve got the best idea in the world and you are absolutely capable of running the planet BUT everyone keeps telling you to ‘BRAND’ it and BRANDING and…. This is NOT scolding your friend’s bum with a hot iron.

This is about reaching the right market for your idea. It is an absolute necessity and so many people get it wrong but you can get it RIGHT. We had a brilliant branding session with the bright stars from The Albany Theatre in Deptford, starting from the basics. Watch this space!

1. Understand ‘Brand’.

A brand is your perception of a type of product manufactured by a particular company. Offering a service in keeping with a strong personality so it can reach out to the right people. Look at some of your favourite brands… What has been their latest ad campaign? What kind of people buy their products? When do you use them?

Look at Red Bull. Red Bull gives you wings. Red bull associates itself with highly energetic people; throwing rock parties and sponsoring mad sports events. Red Bull is RED, impacting and intense and love and hate and if you want some more energy you know what you should be buying from the shop! That is branding! All the personality and information and product range squeezed into a tiny logo, so that when you see it around you, know what you’re getting.

2. Where do you sit?

Who are you trying to impress? What does your person do in their spare time? We got into groups and made a collage of cut outs from magazines to get an idea what our person would like from us. Rich, poor, young, old, creative, smelly, fast….? Remember! There is no such thing as an average person, make your audience feel UNIQUE. The Albany’s person Mix and Match, love leisure, love food, healthy, sweet, style, free, choice, feel-at-home, fire, heart, passion, love, friends, funny, relax, dramatic, craft, future.

    3. Your Image

    The colours, logo, type and font are our there representing you. Are you trying to appeal to people like yourself? or maybe you want to engage with a wider audience? Think about who you’re inviting and who you might be turning away.

    5. Unique Selling Point

    What have you got to offer that no-one else has? Look at your competition and see where you can fit in and offer something different. The Albany holds wonderful facilities.

    6. You’re Name Once you have the shape of your brand, you can come up with something to call it. This has to be right, but don’t worry too much as people will get use to names. — Sienna Murdoch +447894089001