Company day

Posted by on Oct 4, 2011 in Social Enterprise, Training

Company day, company day, company day… COMPANY DAY!

What do we do well : we’re a hard working bunch of patient, positive people. We’ve created a great atmosphere and there is no heir achy. Our communications with young writers / collaborators are on point and we come across as trustworthy and with their best interests at heart.

What do we do badly : poor planning, lack of communication as to successes, how far we’ve come and WHO WE ARE, not enough VIDEO. We need to talk about creative ideas and benchmark excellence so everyone know where we’re aiming and can feel inspired.

Action :

  • Who are we? BBC / YH briefing
  • Seek video editor ASAP
  • Outstandingly good and bad ideas to be added to the mini PAMPHLET
  • Hall of fame – look how far we’ve come

Where& what should we be in 1 years time :

  • Better computers
  • Training room
  • Video department
  • Tea pot
  • To be the voice of young hackney driving change!!
  • Better links with media employers ; BBC, T4, BBH
  • Higher profile in Hackney
  • Sponsorships for YH
  • Better understanding of what / how effective training is!! MONITORING
  • Clear pre organised training program

Where will you be in 1 years time>>>>