Path to political action

Posted by on Apr 12, 2011 in Politics, PR

” There’s a school that’s protesting and making a fuss, and one that isn’t saying a word, which one would you close? “”

Bob Sullivan ( Lib Dem councilor for Leyton ) is giving the twins from Evolution NOW advice on how to get their issues noticed by MP’s and he makes some great points. Politicians want votes, so they play to the gallery. In an aging demographic where youth are mostly silent how can we expect politicians to make youth a priority when doing so isn’t going to win any votes?

3 ways YOU can create change in your local area :

1. Be active, make yourself seen and heard. HERE’s 198 no violent action ideas!

2. If you don’t your councilors plans offer a considered alternative

3. If you don’t vote, you can’t complain

Bob also makes the point that students the world over are trditionally the catalyst for change, challenging authority, questioning society and holding the status quo to account. He conjures images of CND, anti facist marches, Tianamen square and the current situation in the Middle East before deftly pointing out that this hasn’t applied to UK students in recent years.

So my thought for the day is where did the vegan, punk, anti capitalist students of  The Young Ones go? Why aren’t young people MORE angry?

Just in case you forgot