YH World

Posted by on Oct 18, 2010 in Media, New Media, Training

YH World – Attention Young London!

What is YH? YH is a unique online magazine packed with positive information for young Londoners produced by a network of young aspiring writers, artists and musicians. With a big focus on FREE we uncover events, workshops, training, volunteering, and help aimed at young London.

We deliver 5k monthly page impressions, 600 blog views and active social networks : facebook, Twitter & youtube

Why did we start? 89% of the young Londoners we surveryed said they felt there was nothing to do/they didn’t know what was on offer or that it was expensive. RUBBISH, more likely what was on offer was failing to get noticed and there was no one central place to find out whats on offer to you as a young Londoner.

With features like Gimme 10 – never be bored again, a regular page in Hackney Today, YH TV and Music HYPE Thursdays we want to excite and inspire our audience to get out there and try something new.

Best of all? YH is a free to organizations to promote opportunities to young Londoners, offers ongoing work experience and free training to young creatives and another platform for their work.