Posted by on Aug 1, 2010 in Blog, Film, Journalism

We’re here! We’re in the VIP area and Ellie Goulding just signed a Hackney Hounds postcard.

Who would of thought it, we’re with the artists right next to the Tango stage. It’s AWESOME!!! Seen loads of people and everyone looks famous plus we got freebies from the Sugar magazine girls and Tom Deacon from the BBC promised us an interview.

Total scalps for the day:
Photos with: Tinie and Ellie
Interviews with: Full English, Scorcher, Daisy Dares You, You & What Army, Texas, Xample & Lomax & Rox ( helping out the TFL road safety campaign )

Siana is an awesome presenter, Kayla and Zoe from Hackney Hounds shouting ‘action’ and Andrew from Method Work’s grown up camera made us look the part.

No bodies left un stickered. YHWorld is now known to the Underagers.