Project: Keep it brief

Posted by on Jul 21, 2010 in Blog, Media, Training

How do you get young people’s attention?

In a world cluttered with advertising messages they turn up to YOUR event? We believe young people are best placed to come up with creative messages to reach out to their peers. Taking 4 young people through a 6 week training program mentored by media professionals we tested our theory with a live brief. The group came up with the research, advertising messages and PR plan for our youth events Hackney Hounds and HYPE.

Did they do a good job? Well we had a full house at Rich Mix cinema on the night, great blog figures and facebook friend numbers for 2 brand new projects. We got on Choice FM, Hackney Today, The Gazette and LBC radio to get behind both event… and more than this Agneiszka, a key member of the group, has gone on to an internship in West End agency M – CHI!

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