Live and in Action

Posted by on Jun 7, 2010 in Funding, Issues, Media

Whoop Whoop! Last week we got some great news – Billie got her project ‘Think Twice’ funded by LIVE from Unltd and Lem has a youth politics program starting working with the British Council’s Youth In Action award.

Think Twice: Can the words we use contribute to violence and our acceptance of violence? If so what part do the media play? Billie wanted to explore knife crime, why so many young people use words like ‘shank’  with no regard for its meaning and are the films that cover young urban life a slice of truth or part of the problem?

We need a steering group, street team and the chance to talk to as many young people in Hackney as possible.

Evolution NOW: 48% of under 24’s didn’t register to vote. What’s going on? It’s not like young people don’t have an opinion and the politicians we spoke to do really want to hear from a young generation so what’s going wrong?

Steering group, advisory board, venues, local people of all ages, politicians   and council member.

Don’t just sit there call us on 07968532923  ( Lucy ) or email